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Voluntarily organized by students, sport clubs exist for the purpose of furthering a common interest in a physical activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance. Students elect their own officers, draft their own constitution, request facility space, get approval for and make travel arrangements, schedule contests with other teams, develop contracts with officials and artists, and manage their budget.

For more information on club meetings or to form a new club, contact Mike Ostman via email or in the Sport Clubs office on the first floor of the Fitness Center.

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Women's BasketballWomen's Basketball


About Women's Basketball

The Women’s Club Basketball team was created with the goal of providing an alternative to intercollegiate competition, and allows the College’s female students the opportunity to meet new people from other institutions while continuing to play basketball at a competitive level in conjunction with their studies.

Open to all Ithaca College female students from freshman to graduate level, IWCB consists of 15 individuals competing each season. Tryouts are held shortly before the first game of the season, usually in late September, with roster decisions being determined by coaches and club officers. A minimum of attendance at one practice per week is mandatory for participation.

The season consists of 10-15 contests played against peer institutions, primarily in the northeast, with play beginning in October and proceeding through March. Contests are officiated by qualified personnel and consist of two 20-minute halves. All home contests are played on campus at either the Ithaca College Fitness Center or Ben Light Gymnasium, and results are posted in the schedule and results section for Ithaca Women’s Basketball.

For more information on Women's Basketball Club please contact Jessica Reichl at or Marissa Huntington at


Tim Bangs


2014-2015 Schedule and results

Date Time Event Location Result
08-Sep 8:00 PM Informational Meeting Friends 203  
04-Oct 8:00 AM Penn State Tournament v.Penn State University Park, PA L 35-51
04-Oct 10:30 AM Penn State Tournament v. Ohio University University Park, PA W 57-54
04-Oct 12:00 PM Penn State Tournament v.Penn State University Park, PA L 34-46
04-Oct 1:30 PM Penn State Tournament v. Rutgers University Park, PA L 34-36
14-Oct 7:00PM vs TC3 Cortland, NY W 68-50
21- Oct 7:00 PM vs Cayuga Community College Auburn, NY W 80-53
22-Oct 7:00 PM vs Corning Community College Corning, NY W 76-72
09-Nov 12:00 PM LeMoyne Round Robin v. LeMoyne College Syracuse, NY L 29-37
09-Nov 1:30 PM LeMoyne Round Robin v. SUNY Buffalo Syracuse, NY W 37-22
19-Nov 7:00 PM vs Roberts Wesleyan College Rochester, NY W 62-52
04-Dec 7:00 PM vs Elmira College Elmira, NY W 84-40
06-Dec 7:00 PM vs Roberts Wesleyan College Rochester, NY L 50-54
26-Jan 7:00 PM vs Elmira College Elmira, NY Cancelled Due to Weather
31-Jan 7:30 PM vs Roberts Wesleyan College Rochester, NY L 50-63
21-Feb 7:00 Am vs Syracuse (Regional tournament) Boston, MA W 39-24
21-Feb 9:00 AM vs Assumption (Regional tournament) Boston, MA W 44-36
21-Feb 11:00 AM vs Northeastern (Regional tournament) Boston, MA W 35-32
21-Feb 1:00 PM vs Loyola Boston, MA W 50-45
21-Feb 3:00 PM vs Northeastern Boston, MA L 40-42
28- Feb TBA Binghamton Tournament  Binghamton, NY  
20-Mar 7:30 PM vs AIC Amherst, MA W 44-29
21-Mar 9:30 AM vs Providence  Amherst, MA W 35-18
21-Mar 7:30 PM vs AIC Amherst, MA W 49-33
22-Mar 9:30 PM vs Binghamton Amherst, MA W 48-30
22-Mar 7:30 PM  vs Northeastern Amherst, MA L 33-36
16-19 Apr   NIRSA Nationals Raleigh, NC  
16-Apr 9:00 AM vs Applachian State Raleigh, NC W 32-30
17-Apr 11:00 AM vs University of Virginia Raleigh, NC L 33-38
18-Apr 1:00 PM vs High Point University  Raleigh, NC W 52-42
19-Apr 3:00 PM vs Howard Raleigh, NC L 25-40