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Originally established over 30 years ago with a limited number of clubs, the Ithaca College Sport Club program has undergone a significant expansion since that time and currently consists of 38 clubs in the categories of competitive, instructional, performance and recreational sports.

Placed under the guidance of the Office of Recreational Sports in fall 2001, the sport club program is currently based out of the Ithaca College Fitness Center and continues to expand at a rapid rate as clubs are added as interest for them increases.

Voluntarily organized by students, sport clubs exist for the purpose of furthering a common interest in a physical activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance. Students elect their own officers, draft their own constitution, request facility space, get approval for and make travel arrangements, schedule contests with other teams, develop contracts with officials and artists, fund raise and manage their budget.

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Sword Team of Ithaca CollegeSword Team of Ithaca College


About Sword Team

Specializing in the study of sword play, specifically the art of goshindo, the Sword Team of Ithaca College is one of the most unique sport clubs on campus. With the express guarantee that no edged or sharply pointed weapons will ever be used by the club, and under the guidance of the honored Dr. Kevin Hufford, Sensei of Dragon Fire Martial Arts in Trumansburg, New York, the members of SToIC practice the skills of goshindo through full contact sparring and the choreographed forms that are repeated to build muscle memory known as kata.

With the use of soft foam swords, head and hand guards for sparring, and replica wood swords for choreographed performances, the Sword Club of Ithaca College researches and learns the ancient art of sword play in a safe and conducive environment. Among the skills that are taught are basic cuts, striking zones, blocking, and forms. Following the mastery of these basic techniques, members are given specific instruction from Sensei Hufford on the use of a chosen weapon.

Additionally, all members are taught the Five Principles of Defense, which allow an individual to become more accomplished in the martial arts, and are able to seek attainment of one of the many requirement ranks. Sensei Hufford instructors in three main styles: Tyoama, Nakamura, and SanBuSaku.

SToIC is open to all members of the Ithaca College community and encourages new members to join each semester. The season for the Sword Team of Ithaca College runs from the beginning of the fall semester in September through the conclusion of classes in early May of each year. Events during this time will include practices and potential tournaments against similarly disciplined clubs. Through Sensei Hufford, SToIC offers the opportunity to participate in state, national, and international competitions and conventions.



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