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Voluntarily organized by students, sport clubs exist for the purpose of furthering a common interest in a physical activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance. Students elect their own officers, draft their own constitution, request facility space, get approval for and make travel arrangements, schedule contests with other teams, develop contracts with officials and artists, and manage their budget.

For more information on club meetings or to form a new club, contact Mike Ostman via email or in the Sport Clubs office on the first floor of the Fitness Center.

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About ICircus

One of the more recent additions to the Sport Club division of Recreational Sports, the Ithaca College Circus Club, or ICircus, has quickly grown to performance status and is dedicated to providing the Ithaca College community with a creative, safe and relaxed atmosphere to explore and express themselves through the circus arts. Established in December 2004, ICircus practices such arts as juggling, contact juggling, balancing, acrobatics, poi spinning, hula hooping, object manipulation, tumbling and is constantly looking for new skills to add to their performance repertoire."

Open to all members of the Ithaca College community, no tryouts are held, which espouses the club belief that all are welcome to come teach, learn, practice, and perform the various skills associated with the circus arts in a comfortable and constructive environment. In addition to pursuing these goals, the club strives to raise public awareness about the many benefits of the circus arts through performances and the teaching of circus skills.

All equipment used in practice or performance is reviewed by the club to determine its risk factor and the proper usage and handling of each piece is taught to every member of the club. Additionally, a monthly inspection record of all equipment is maintained and all participants are required to stretch and warm up prior to engaging in any club related activity to ensure the safety and health of all involved.

The performance season for ICircus runs the length of the academic calendar from September through May and all members of the College community are welcome to participate. No previous experience is necessary, only a desire to learn, support or teach the circus arts.


For more information please contact or contact our president, Kevin Flanagan, at or Devon Baris at


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