Sport Clubs

Voluntarily organized by students, sport clubs exist for the purpose of furthering a common interest in a physical activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance. Students elect their own officers, draft their own constitution, request facility space, get approval for and make travel arrangements, schedule contests with other teams, develop contracts with officials and artists, and manage their budget.

For more information on club meetings or to form a new club, contact Mike Ostman via email or in the Sport Clubs office on the first floor of the Fitness Center.

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IC Ride (Skiing and Snowboarding)IC Ride (Skiing and Snowboarding)


About IC Ride

We are both a competitive and non-competitive group of student snowboarders whose main objective is to have a good time while maintaining a steady network of carpools for students to get to the mountain. The group is aimed to join together students of all different types who enjoy the sport of snowboarding. By serving as a medium for meeting great friends, IC Ride provides the opportunity for snowboarders to get together and go to the local mountain Greek Peak.

Competitions are organized through the students at Ithaca College and are strictly recreational. Also, Greek Peak offers a Rail Jam competition on Thursdays that is regarded as open opportunity for anyone who wishes to compete in rail competitions. Group members typically organize other types of competitions with optional prizes for the winner. All those interested in joining a great group of snowboarders should take the initiative to join IC Ride.

Practice Schedule

The club does not organize mandatory practices but instead serves as a medium for students to organize their own means to get to the mountain. Students are encouraged to organize meetings with other snowboarders in order to learn more about the sport, become better, and practice as much as possible.

 For more information on IC Ride, contact Michael Fazzida at