Off-Campus Housing

Ithaca College is a residential community. This means that all non-senior students (students who have lived less than 5 semesters in campus housing by the end of the Fall semester of the current academic year) are required to live on campus during the next academic year unless they receive written approval from the Office of Residential Life for off-campus status, or meet the exempt criteria of the Residency Policy and have notified the Office of Residential Life in writing of their intent to live off campus.

You are exempt from the college's Residency Policy if you can show that you are:

  • 23 years of age or older (requires birth certificate).
  • an approved commuter.
  • married (requires marriage certificate).
  • in a domestic partnership or civil union (requires document recognized by state where partnership/union is established).
  • supporting dependent children (requires dependent birth certificates).
  • a transfer student with two or more years of college attendance after high school graduation who has not previously checked into Ithaca College housing (requires verification with Registrar).

Students should not to sign a lease until written approval is provided. Ithaca College students are billed for room and board until they have received written approval to live off campus from the Office of Residential Life.

Applications for off-campus approval are available to rising juniors (students who have lived in campus housing for 3-4 semesters by the end of the Fall semester) in October for students applying to live off campus the following Fall (see How to Apply for Off-Campus Approval).