Parking Information

Parking Services is responsible for vehicle registration and administering parking regulations at Ithaca College. Parking lots are designated as blue, red, or green:

  • BLUE lots are reserved for employee parking.
  • RED lots are reserved for parking by upperclassmen.
  • GREEN lots are reserved for first-year student parking

All parking at Ithaca College is reserved. Your vehicle must be registered with Parking Services.

Students are allowed to park in some blue parking lots after a certain time of day. If you would like to know when you can park in a certain lot, please check the lot regulations.  First-year student vehicles are never allowed in the blue or red permit parking lots.

Parking Registration Fees

  • First-Year Students - $500.00 (Not Pro-Rated)
  • Upperclassmen - $126.00 per year *
  • Continuing Ed. Students - $126.00 per year *
  • Temporary Permits - $20.00/Week (limitations)
  • Graduate Students - No charge
  • Employee - No charge
  • Visitors - No charge
  • Summer Programs - No charge


  • After Fall Break - $95.00 
  • Beginning January, 2014 - $63.00
  • After Spring Break - $32.00