Parking Information


All permit requirements are in effect 24 hours every day.

Permits for Mobility Impaired
In addition to an Ithaca College parking permit, employees or students requiring a permit for mobility impaired needs should contact the local town/village/city office of their home residence jurisdiction for issuance of a state permit. Information regarding mobility impaired permits for New York State can be found at – form MV-664.1.

All state mobility impaired permits will allow the employee or student to park in any handicapped space on campus. If a handicapped space cannot be located, permit holders can park in any regular space in either a blue or red designated lot, nearest their destination.

Students who need to obtain a handicap permit while attending the college should report as follows:

If the student resides on campus, which is in the Town of Ithaca, they will need to report to the Town of Ithaca Clerk at 215 N. Tioga Street, Ithaca. (607-273-1721).

If they reside in the City of Ithaca, they need to report to the City Clerk's Office located at 108 East Green Street, Ithaca.  (607-274-6570)

If the student resides off campus, they need to report to the jurisdiction of their off campus housing, such as if they reside in a township such as Town of Danby, Town of Caroline etc., they need to report to the clerk's office for the township.

Information regarding mobility impaired permits can be found at – form MV-664.1

Placement of Permit
In order to be valid, a hangtag permit must be clearly visible and hanging from the rearview mirror of the vehicle. A window permit must be affixed to the rear left (driver's side) window. The rearview mirror permit must be affixed to the back of the mirror so that it faces the front of the vehicle. A motorcycle permit must be affixed to the rear fender.

A permit must not be defaced or altered in any way. When changing to a vehicle not currently registered on campus, return your permit to Parking Services for a new permit. The permit is valid only on the vehicle for which it is issued.


Replacing Lost or Stolen Permits
The theft or loss of a parking permit should be reported to Parking Services promptly. After a report has been filed, a lost or stolen permit will be replaced. A $10 fee will be charged for a student replacement permit; there is no replacement fee for faculty and staff. Recovered lost or stolen permits should be returned to Parking Services immediately.

Use of Multiple Vehicles

Faculty and staff who receive a hangtag parking permit may transfer it to any vehicle so registered.


First-Year Students
First-year students must complete one year at Ithaca College before they can have an upperclassmen parking permit.