Parking Information

Parking Regulations

 Anyone with College business who regularly parks a vehicle in College lots must display a parking permit. Individuals who exceed three parking violations in any school year will have their vehicles towed, at the owner's expense, for each parking violation thereafter.

  • Blue permits allow parking in the assigned blue areas.
  • Red permits allow parking in the assigned red areas.
  • Green permits allow parking only in the assigned green areas.
  • Handicapped/Mobility Impaired Permits (see below)
  • Motorcycle permits (see below)

Evening Parking -- A vehicle displaying a red permit may be parked in

  • the blue section of J lot between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., Monday-Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Note: Be aware of special parking restrictions for the Whalen Center in the lower blue section of J lot
  • all other blue lots between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., Monday-Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

In general, parking is prohibited in the following locations:

  • Reserved spaces without a valid permit
  • Designated "No Parking" areas
  • Spaces for the disabled without a proper College permit and State permit
  • Fire lanes, fire exits, and within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Doorways, loading zones, service entrances, construction sites, and spaces reserved for maintenance vehicles
  • Lawns, sidewalks, crosswalks, parking lot driveways, and across painted lines
  • Areas where the permit is not valid
  • Over or adjacent to yellow lines on curbs
  • Against the flow of traffic
  • When left side of the vehicle is parked against the curb

The person in whose name a parking permit is registered is responsible for parking violations by vehicles displaying this permit.

Student permits are valid for one school year -- from midnight, August 15, to 11:59 p.m., August 14. Faculty and staff permits are valid for one year, from January 16 through January 15.

Handicapped/Mobility Impaired Permits
Employees or students requiring a permit for mobility impaired needs should contact the local town/village/city office of their home residence jurisdiction for issuance of a state permit. Information regarding mobility impaired permits for New York State can be found at – form MV-664.1.


All state mobility impaired permits will allow the employee or student to park in any handicapped space on campus. If a handicapped space cannot be located, permit holders can park in any regular space in either a blue or red designated lot, nearest their destination.


Students who need to obtain a handicapped permit while attending the college should report as follows:


If the student resides on campus, which is in the Town of Ithaca, they will need to report to the Town of Ithaca Clerk at 215 N. Tioga Street, Ithaca. (607-273-1721).

If they reside in the City of Ithaca, they need to report to the City Clerk's Office located at 108 East Green Street, Ithaca (607-274-6570).


If the student resides off campus, they need to report to the jurisdiction of their off campus housing, such as if they reside in a township such as Town of Danby, Town of Caroline etc., they need to report to the clerk's office for the township.


Motorcycle Permits
Motorcycles are allowed to be parked in any parking space in the parking lots that their parking permit allows. There continue to be spaces throughout campus specifically made for motorcycles as follows:

  • 6 spaces near the old field house
  • 2 spaces in the lot by the Gannett Center (library)
  • 1 space in F lot
  • 3 spaces near the Hammond Health Center

The seasonal motorcycle spaces in E lot and U lot will be returned to full size regular spaces for motorcycles or other vehicles. Students who register a motorcycle with Parking & Traffic Services will pay the same fee for the motorcycle permit as they would for a regular vehicle permit (car, pickup, SUV, etc.). Students registering motorcycles must park only in the student lots.

Students are only allowed to have one vehicle registered at a time. For example, if you have a permit on a motorcycle and want to exchange it for a permit for another vehicle, remove the permit from the motorcycle and exchange it at the Parking Services office for a permit for the other vehicle.

Parking Stall Designation
Parking is permitted only in marked stalls in paved lots and as directed in gravel lots.

  • White Stalls -- Stalls are marked by white lines on each side or by T's on parallel parking spaces.
  • Unmarked Areas -- No parking is permitted in any area not identified as a parking space.
  • Yellow Curbs -- Yellow markings designate fire lanes or "No Parking" zones.

Parking during School Breaks
All traffic rules and regulations are in effect during all breaks. Vehicles left on campus during fall, winter, or spring breaks must be parked in S lot, close to the tennis courts. Residents living at the Circle Apartments who leave a vehicle during fall, winter, or spring breaks must park the vehicle in the L-lot extension.

Disabled Vehicles
Disabled vehicles are not excused from the regulations. Arrangements to move disabled vehicles should be made promptly. The Office of Public Safety should be notified immediately at 274-3333.

Fire Lanes
Fire lanes are strictly enforced. To load or unload in a fire lane, call the Office of Public Safety at 274-3333 for a permit (open 24/7).

Flashers or Hazard Lights
Flashers or hazard lights are to be used for emergencies only. Their use in other circumstances does not exempt you from parking regulations.

Reserved-Space Signs
Reserved spaces -- those for maintenance, the credit union, and others -- are reserved 24 hours a day unless an expiration time is posted on the reserved-space sign. If a reserved-space sign has a posted expiration time, the space requires a permit for the lot it is in when the time expires. (Example: When reserved time expires on a sign in a blue lot, only a blue permit may legally park there.)