Parking Information

Visitor and Temporary Parking

Visitors to campus between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, must park in the Visitor Lot, except for those to the Office of Admission who may park in designated spots in P-Lot. All after hours requests should be referred to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management at 607-274-3333.

Visitors who plan to spend the night in a residence hall must register their vehicles with the Office of Public Safety and obtain a visitor parking permit for a specific lot. Visitors who have received temporary parking permits by mail may park as instructed.

Special Events and Lot Maintenance
The Office of Public Safety is authorized to restrict the use of spaces temporarily to accommodate special meetings and events, College-sponsored activities, construction, and snow removal.

Temporary Permits
Anyone issued a permit who needs to drive an alternate vehicle -- not currently registered on campus -- for a day can obtain permission for the alternate vehicle by calling Parking Services at 607-274-3756. For any period longer than a day, you must go to Parking Services to obtain a temporary permit.

Anyone that does not have a current parking permit and needs to park a vehicle temporarily on campus can purchase a weekly parking permit for up to three weeks at a time. The fee is $20.00 a week.

Loading Permits
If you need to load or unload in a specifically marked fire lane, loading zone, or any other area that your permit does not allow you to park in, you must call the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (607-274-3333) to get permission to load. Loading time is limited to 15 minutes.