Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol

Executive Board

The Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol is managed by Crystal Young, coordinator of administrative and operational support services for the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (Public Safety), and the SASP student executive board.  The Executive Board is comprised of four appointed representatives of the organization who serve as the leaders of SASP.

The executive board meets weekly. Board members confer routinely with the lieutenant and coordinator for Public Safety. This continuous contact helps maintain the smooth operation of the organization and keeps open lines of communication with the office. Board members also represent SASP at other departmental and College meetings, run weekly SASP meetings, and train new employees.

A new executive board is selected each January for a one-year term.

Current executive board members:

  • Danica Kelley - Executive Director
  • Gwyneth Brinkley - Operations Coordinator
  • Lucas Gradwohl - Training Coordinator
  • Hakeem Hopper-Collins - Training Coordinator