Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Staff Council is to act as the representative body of all non-faculty staff of Ithaca College. Staff shall be defined as all benefits eligible employees who are not part of Administrative Assembly. As such, it shall have the power to review and make inquiries into matters of the campus college community for the benefit of all concerned, and to organize and conduct meetings in order to make recommendations on all matters affecting the welfare of its constituency.

Its composition and responsibilities shall be outlined by its bylaws and it shall report its recommendations to the vice president for finance and administration of the College or designee for decision.

Executive Committee 2015-2016

Sean Reilley | Chair 

Rosane Mordt | Vice Chair

Tati Herold | Recording Secretary

Candy Ross | Corresponding Secretary 

Mark Ross | Treasurer



  • Bereavement leave benefit increased from 3 to 5 days
  • Family medical leave benefits
  • Flex-time policy for 4-day work week
  • Retirement starts early with a 55/20 Plan
  • Living donor leave policy
  • Same-sex domestic partner benefits
  • Spring holiday


  • Two-week summer recreation camp for children
  • J.J. Staff Scholar Award
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
    • 5 drives per year for the past 25 years
    • "Real Heroes Blood Donor Award"
    • Red Cross Blood Services Life Share Program Silver Level
    • Cortaca blood drive winner
  • Caring and Sharing program
  • Employee picnic