Unlock Your True Potential
at Ithaca College

At Ithaca College, you’ll transform daily experiences into storyboards, compositions, and business plans. You’ll discover opportunities to learn in late-night conversations or courtside chats. You’ll expand your potential and unlock your whole self.

A Home Away from Home

Ithaca College is a place where you can find a home being exactly who you are.

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Push Boundaries, Unearth Discoveries

Our community thrives as students form connections, ask questions, uncover solutions, and challenge the status quo. We celebrate achievements while aiming for more progress and new discoveries ahead.
Hands-On Spaces

Studios, stages, clinics, and laboratories help you hone your craft, whether you’re in the arts, health fields, business, media, or sciences.


Awards were made in grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study to IC students last year.

Waterfalls Near Campus

Natural splendor is never in short supply in Ithaca, including cascading water. "Ithaca is gorges” for a reason.

Create Your Own Story

In the pursuit of progress, you’ll write adventures and overcome obstacles in new ways. Whether you have goals in place or you haven’t decided what your future holds, opportunities at Ithaca will allow you to explore your potential to its fullest.
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A group of students sitting on a stone bench at Ithaca College
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Forewords: The Ithaca College Story

A collection of introductions to the Ithaca College story—about those who continue to write it. Meet students, faculty, alumni, and other IC community members who took risks, embraced setbacks, and iterated their way to success.
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds
Making Every Step Count
Scaling business, mountains, and TikTok, Ithaca College professor Tim Reynolds ’12, DPT ’14, knows how to gain a foothold on unexpected terrain.
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Duda Formosa
Duda Formoso
Seasons of Empowerment
A trailblazing first-gen student, digital influencer Duda Formoso ’26 turned trials into transformation.
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Rob Engelsman ’11
Rob Engelsman
Making Powerful Impressions
An award-winning thought leader who moves at the speed of culture, Rob Engelsman ‘11 knows how to garner billions of impressions for global brands.
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