IC Net Impact Travels to Silicon ValleyIC Net Impact Travels to Silicon Valley
Ithaca College Net Impact traveled to Silicon Valley to attend the 2013 Net Impact Conference.

The three-day conference brought together 2,500 participants from around the world with one mission in mind – to spark change in themselves, in the workplace and in the world through exploration, innovation and experimentation.

This year, five Ithaca College students attended the conference. Participants included Anna Isachenko ‘14, Andrew Ebert ‘14, Rebecca Blondin ’14, Alexandra Robinson ’14 and Megan Goodwine ‘15.

Among the 379 speakers were Denise Morrison, President and CEO of Campbell Soup, Ken Cohen, VP of Exonn Mobil and Blake Mycoskie, Founder and CEO of TOMS Shoes. A total of 187 Net Impact chapters attended the conference, 41 of which were undergraduate chapters. Many of the participants were advocating for increases in Corporate Social Responsibility Policies, ethical and sustainable behaviors in the workplace as well as for companies to involve all stakeholders. The conference also featured an expo where 61% of the companies were recruiting.

For senior and Vice President of External Communications, Anna Isachenko, the conference helped her realize that more companies are shifting towards more ethical business conduct.

“Corporations are realizing that they must take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment and society,” she says. “It's very inspiring to know that much progress has been made in sustainability, human rights, animal protection and social justice and that there are many powerful advocates of positive change. As a senior, I am enthusiastic to enter the socially responsible world of business.”

CEO of Net Impact, Liz Maw, explained that change requires stepping up and sometimes standing out as well as the push and pull of different perspectives. It also requires you to trust yourself and your ideas. Most importantly, change starts with action. Ithaca College Net Impact embodies all of these requirements of change and will continue to shape the future of business and society through their leadership efforts. 

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