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Whether you hope to introduce a new brand to your target audience or analyze data reports, marketing explores the minds, hearts, and choices of customers. If you're driven by consumer insights and motivated by product or service success, a marketing degree might be right for you.
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Marketing (B.S.)

Blend key business skills with creativity as you learn to plan, promote, price, and distribute products and services. 

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Starting in fall 2024, the Ithaca College School of Business will offer distinct majors in Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Sport Management, and Strategic Leadership!

These majors include a refined business core as well as the opportunity for greater breadth and depth in your chosen field of study. The shift to stand-alone degrees (rather than concentrations within a broader Business Administration degree) will improve your academic experience and streamline the ways you articulate your knowledge, skills, and credentials.

Why Study Marketing at Ithaca College?

IC's Marketing degree is distinguished by its strong experiential senior seminar, the currency of its offerings in relevant subfields like digital marketing and marketing analytics, and the real-world data tools available in the Neeson Analytics Lab on the Ithaca College campus.

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Meet our dedicated faculty members and learn more about their areas of interest and specialization.

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Real-world Experience

A hallmark of every School of Business degree program is an emphasis on experiential learning. Almost every course has some kind of practical learning opportunities. Some examples include developing marketing plans for local businesses/organizations, participating in business competitions, and learning how to apply cutting-edge technology in marketing strategies. Understanding might begin in the classroom, but it flourishes in the real world.

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