Center for Trading and Analysis of Financial Instruments

Technical Resources

 The key to the trading room is its information-gathering capabilities, which is centered on a complex system of technology. The data that power the center are provided directly by Thomson Reuters, a real-time market data provider, delivering information from over 125 exchanges and sources worldwide. Market coverage includes equities, options, futures, commodities, foreign exchange, currency analysis, and news.

Connection to Thomson is via the Internet and live data is fed into 53 workstations, 44 of which are located in the trading room itself; five others are in a smaller lab across the hall. The data are made available to users through specialized software developed by Thomson called Thomson One, a comprehensive software package providing all the tools necessary to interpret, analyze, and monitor financial market information. Features include unlimited custom programmable quote pages; time-of-sale, intraday, and historical charting; an online historical symbol directory; back-office access; and other special services.

Because a comprehensive understanding of the market also requires observation of the securities that are often overlooked, such as closed-end funds, the trading room boasts another innovative software package by Thomson Financial called Closed End and ETF Funds, a sophisticated research tool used to present timely data for both market and NAV performance on over 500 closed-end funds and over 100 indices globally. The funds can be selected and sorted on over 100 different criteria including fund objective, fees and expenses, fund performance and volatility, premiums and discounts, distributions, and more. The software also provides a means for comparing funds, investment objectives, and indices.

Other cutting-edge software the trading room provides includes Palisade's @Risk, a risk-analysis tool that can help users determine possible outcomes such as a product's optimal price or the best performers in a particular sector; MSCI's Barra on Campus, which allows students to use screening criteria and macroeconomic forecasting to build optimal portfolios; and StockVal, a multi-factor modeling package that screens companies and sectors based on variables selected by the user.

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