Alumni and Friends

Connections with Students and Alumni

Networking plays a major role in developing students' interests in specific fields and industries which ultimately guides them to choosing a career path that is most suitable for them. IC Alumni offer a wide array of knowledge pertaining to career choices, the job market, and the job search.

Network Nights were created as a way to bring students and IC alumni together to discuss important topics related to career development. In Spring 2013, Ithaca College hosted Network Nights in several major cities including:

  • New York City, Boston, Syracuse, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Rochester, and Albany/Troy.

Over 800 alumni, students, and guests attended these events. To learn more about Network Nights, please visit the 'Events' page on the Alumni website.  

Ithaca College now provides an IC Mentoring Network for students to have the opportunity to discuss career issues online with IC alumni. Students will be able to discuss the following topics:

The topic discussions listed take place online via LinkedIn groups. Alumni, parents, and the general IC community are able to share their experiences and perspectives related to these topics while students are given the chance to gain more insight on their field of interest that will allow them to pave their way to a career most suitable for them. 

Check back in the Fall for more updates!

Our job and internship database is now accessible by our alumni! Please click this link to discover jobs for experienced professionals!