Informational Interview (BINT 10400)

After attending the Workshop #1: Making Success a Habit, students will complete the Informational Interview (course BINT 10400).

The Informational Interview allows students to explore a career path of interest and start to develop a professional network by conducting an interview with a professional in a field of interest.

Students will:

  1. Contact a career professional outside of their network utilizing skills learned from Making Success a Habit (Workshop #1).
  2. Conduct an informational interview with a professional in the their field of interest.
  3. Reflect on the questions answered during the interview for the online portfolio assignment.
  4. Create a list of three short-term action items to work on during the upcoming academic year.  These will be actionable ‘next steps’ to assist students with their career path. Students should be able to describe how they will go about completing each item and the resources they plan on utilizing. 

Course Registration

In order to register, students must complete the Informational Interview application and submit it to the Dean's office located in the Dean's suite for processing and approval. During the summer semester students may prefer to e-mail their application to or fax it to (607) 274-1152. Students will receive an e-mail with registration instructions once their application has been approved. It is their responsibility to register for the class. This course is graded as Pass/Fail and is offered at zero credits.

**PLEASE NOTE: Students must complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SHPT) Program - which can now be completed on-line - for their application to be processed. 

Assignment Details 

Students should maintain an electronic log (see resources below) that includes the following minimum components:

  • How they found their professional contact
  • Issues faced locating, securing, and/or meeting their professional contact
  • Reflection of this experience; note items of substance that they learned from their conversation
  • A summary of their next steps on the road to their professional development
  • A brief personal bio with photo and a hyperlink to their LinkedIn profile (student will need to create on if they have not done so already)


Submission Instructions:

  • Submit your e-portfolio through the form below (scroll down). Students will be providing the web address for the carbonmade portfolio they have created.
  • Students may submit their portfolio for review any time before that if desired. Note: once a grade has been posted, students are welcome to remove the site if they wish.