Connect, Inspire, Engage, and Support


Faculty development is a process through which faculty enhance their teaching and research base in an effort to become a more effective teacher, scholar and contributor to academic and professional communities. Faculty development programs at Ithaca College are focused on providing interested faculty opportunities to engage in activities focused on professional development (interpreted broadly as teaching scholarship and service) and to interact with others with similar goals.

The primary goal of faculty development is to help faculty learn new ways to achieve excellence and to grow as faculty members. It is an ongoing process of understanding, learning, and growth. Faculty development includes education, collaboration, resources and support.

In addition to faculty and instructional development, faculty development concerns itself with culture change. Through educational programs and workshops faculty can learn the skills necessary to reach excellence in a changing academic environment.

Our Philosophy

To inspire, stimulate, and motivate faculty to go beyond usual routines, to help them understand student perspectives, to introduce varied approaches to teaching and learning and to integrate these in to their repertoire of knowledge and skills.