Meet the Current Students

Srijana KC

Hi everyone, I am Srijana KC. I am from a beautiful country, Nepal. Currently, I am pursuing a master’s degree in Health Promotion and Physical Education at Ithaca College. I have completed an undergraduate degree in Nursing from Kathmandu University in 2010. My specialization was Oncology Nursing that lasted for 6 months. Soon after graduation, I worked at Lumbini Medical College and Research Center as a nurse in charge of Medical Ward. Furthermore, I taught certificate nursing students in the same college and had an opportunity to work as coordinator for second year students. I served as a volunteer in various health camps in Nepal.

During my stay in the US, I served as a volunteer at Plano Municipal Office, Texas. I was involved in online courses related to public health and nutrition as well. I am interested in research related to women’s health, nutrition, and oncology. After graduating from Ithaca College, I am planning to work as a registered nurse after passing the NCLEX examination. Apart from academic activities, I love to dance, cook, play table tennis and spend time with my husband and family members who have been supporting me in many ways.

Now, as a graduate student at Ithaca College I want to give my best as a student as well as gain maximum knowledge. Studying at Ithaca College will definitely be an awesome journey in my life. I am excited to see such a beautiful place and learning environment. I chose to study at Ithaca College because the program lasts only a year. I am fully aware that it will be an extensive program but also confident that it will be worthy for my career.