Work closely with faculty to hone your craft

Our graduate students brings a diverse perspective and varied backgrounds to their scholastic pursuits at Ithaca College. Our degree programs offer both research and applied learning opportunities to complement your core academic skills.

Research, Clinics, and Labs

Depending on your field of study, you may have the opportunity to engage in research or to work side by side in clinical or laboratory settings with faculty who are experts in your discipline.

If you are interested in research, you are encouraged to discuss your interest with your program director during the application process or, once admitted, with faculty in your field. You're welcome to explore the following examples of research in a few select graduate programs:

Read more about our faculty expertise and interests in various graduate programs as well as clinic and lab experiences in our state-of-the-art facilities on campus:

Deborah King
Deborah King
Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
On the “Cutting Edge” of research, Ithaca College professor creates device to help prevent figure skating injuries.
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Nia Nunn
Nia Nunn
Associate Professor, Department of Education
In the heart of Ithaca, assistant professor Nia Nunn and a team of IC grad students welcome children into a safe space for open discussions.
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Doug Levine '98, MBA '04
Doug Levine
Recreation and Leisure Studies, MBA
IC alum Doug Levine brings back the glory of a landmark cultural attraction in downtown Ithaca—the State Theatre.
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Internships, Fieldwork, Externships, Clinical Placements

Depending on your field of study, you may have the opportunity or requirement to participate in activities designed to help you apply and demonstrate your enhanced knowledge prior to being awarded your degree.