Meet the Current Students

Lyann Yokoyama

Greetings! My name is Lyann Yokoyama. I’m from Hawaii, and I can’t swim! I moved to Portland, OR to obtain my undergraduate degree from Portland State University in Community Health Education with a minor in Psychology. My particular areas of interest are in community malnutrition and women’s reproductive health and rights. I have worked with several different organizations within the field of public health. This exposure allowed me the experience of working with a broad diversity of people of all ages, ethnicities, and social stratum. These experiences have solidified my personal commitment to public health particularly regarding health education. I decided get my master’s degree in Health Education because I believe that furthering my education is the key to allow me to grow as an individual and as a professional.

Some snippets about me is that I’m a fabulous cook, I really enjoy horror movies and Pixar movies, I like playing the drums (though I’m not particularly good at it), and my favorite band is Jawbreaker. After I graduate, I would like to work for the Department of Health or an organization that does educational outreach. For my future goals, I would eventually like to get my Ph.D. in Public Health.