ICC - Complementary Liberal Arts in H&S (for students matriculating in Fall 2013 and after)

The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) is the common general education experience for all Ithaca College students beginning in Fall 2013. The Complementary Liberal Arts component (CLA) of the Integrative Core Curriculum provides an additional 12 credits of integrative liberal arts coursework. The philosophy behind the CLA is that students have a complimentary area of focused study that is outside of their major and their ICC theme. The ultimate goal of the CLA is to further broaden the perspective and versatility of the students. 

The CLA is defined different by each school; in the School of Humanities and Sciences, the H&S faculty have designed the CLA to be a focused academic exploration that prepares students to become informed citizens in the world – reflective practitioners who search for (and know how to search for) knowledge, who critically evaluate that knowledge, and who actively participate in society, putting their knowledge in service of the collective good.

Students in H&S may fulfill this CLA in one of several different ways:

  • a declared minor program of study
  • a declared second major program of study
  • a defined sequence of second language study
  • an intentional, self-designed suite of courses

The courses that will count in the student’s CLA option must be outside the student’s primary major requirements (i.e., named courses, courses from specific departments, and proficiency-based requirements) and carry a subject prefix different from the student’s primary major (i.e., not be offered by the student's home department).

All courses taken to fulfill the CLA must be taken at Ithaca College for a letter grade. Courses taken in a study abroad program or at Cornell University for a minor or second major that appear on your transcript and are designated liberal arts may be applied to the H&S CLA through the normal petition and transfer credit process. Such courses can also be used in a self-designed suite as long as they do not count for major requirements or are offered by the home department.

Option Requirements

Minor Option and Second Major Option
If you select either of these options, be sure to choose a second major or a minor that includes at least 12 hours of liberal arts coursework. You must complete the declared second major or minor to complete the CLA. If you fail to do so, you must petition for acceptance of 12 hours of liberal arts coursework; petitions are due no later than the application for graduation deadline related to your anticipated graduation date. In the petition, you must outline your original intention, why you did not fulfill your original intention, and reflect on your change of plan. In addition, you must provide a preliminary reflection on the 12 hours that will be substituted. These petitions will be submitted to the H&S Dean's office for approval, and should be included in your e-portfolio.

Language Study Option
If you select this option, you must complete 12 hours of coursework in a single language other than English. Courses taken to fulfill language proficiency requirements for the primary major may not count toward the 12 hours required for this option.

Self-designed Option
If you select this option, you must identify the thread that ties the CLA together, and also select particular courses that will allow you to tackle the focused academic exploration that you have identified. You are encouraged to consult with departments about special/selected topics or experimental courses that may be relevant to your area of interest. To complete your proposed plan, you will ultimately register for and successfully complete 12 credits from the courses you have listed, amending your plan as necessary to accommodate new courses or to reflect enrollment and scheduling realities. (Students who plan to study abroad and are interested in using some or all of those courses for the CLA should select this option.)

Additional Options
If you are in one of the select programs listed below, you have an additional option for completing the CLA, as follows:

  • students majoring in teaching option programs may use the liberal arts courses that are part of the Education Core requirements to fulfill the CLA
  • students majoring in Musical Theatre B.F.A. may use the liberal arts courses that are part of the Music component of their degree programs to fulfill the CLA
  • students majoring in Theatrical Production Arts B.F.A., Theatre Arts Management B.S. and Acting B.F.A. may use 6 credits of non-THEA liberal arts courses that are part of the major requirements or the 6 credits of THEA 34900 “Interrelationships” seminar from the London Center, plus an additional 6 credits of liberal arts courses outside the major to fulfill the CLA
  • Students majoring in Culture and Communication B.A. may use the Required Minor, provided that at least 12 credits are in liberal arts courses, to fulfill the H&S CLA.

For a complete discussion of the H&S CLA requirements, consult the H&S section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Student Learning Outcomes of the CLA

After completing their H&S Complementary Liberal Arts credits (CLA), students will be able to:

  1. Apply concepts, theories, methods, or skills from the CLA to analyze new questions or complex problems; or
  2. Draw upon the CLA to address a topic, issue, problem area, or human challenge using a combination of concepts, theories, and/or methods from multiple perspectives or fields of study.



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