Dean Claire Gleitman

Welcome to the School of Humanities and Sciences. As the liberal arts core of Ithaca College, we provide students with a transformative educational experience which combines rigorous academic study with opportunities to apply knowledge in real-world settings. We are deeply committed to fostering creative expression and critical thinking, supporting collaboration between faculty and students, and integrating theory and practice. We prepare students to lead productive and fulfilling lives while working towards a just and sustainable world.

In our rich and diverse school, students may choose from over 50 undergraduate degree programs and over 40 minors from across the liberal arts curriculum; from the creative arts, to the social sciences, to the humanities, and to the natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science. Our strong connections with IC’s other four schools create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership. We encourage students to make their own connections, to think for themselves and synthesize what they learn, across disciplines, both inside and outside of the classroom. This not only deepens their understanding of their chosen area of study, but lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Experiential learning is at the heart of our educational mission. Our students put theory into practice through faculty-mentored and faculty-student collaborative research, culturally immersive travel, community-based learning, civic engagement, and structured internships.

Our faculty are exceptional teacher-scholars. This means that they are respected and recognized scholars, scientists, and artists, actively engaged in expanding the boundaries of knowledge in their fields, and they are enthusiastically committed to sharing their knowledge, passion and expertise with students. They love teaching, and chose to join our school because of the opportunity we offer faculty to engage with students and share their intellectual passions with them.

We recognize that in this rapidly changing world, preparing students for success means providing students with the ability to learn and apply knowledge in ever-shifting contexts throughout their lives, and a liberal arts education provides precisely this. Thus, whether they are continuing on to graduate or professional study, heading straight to a career, or looking for a service opportunity, our graduates have the abilities, skills, and knowledge they need to be successful.

Whatever your interests, I urge you to explore Ithaca College and visit to discover the outstanding facilities and natural beauty that set our campus apart. And reach out to us—we would love to tell you more about the possibilities available in the School of Humanities and Sciences.