Functional fitness in the Clinic

Along with running IC Fit Kids and being a personal trainer in the Fitness Center, Lucas Dunham '14, a senior clinical exercise science major, works on functional fitness with clients in the Wellness Clinic.

Here are his tips and philosophy on functional fitness!

Who does this help?

Anyone wishing to improve his or her quality of life, longevity and functionality, but older individuals, in particular, benefit from the increased flexibility, mobility and strength.

What exercises are performed?

Lucas focuses on movement patterns instead of isolated muscle groups like the chest or back. There are five basic movement patterns: push (bench press), pull (row), squat, hinge (dead lift) and the loaded carry. Accessory lifts are added afterward.

How do these help day-to-day activities?

Maintaining form and strengthening muscles help lower the risk of injury when you perform tasks like moving furniture (push/pull), lifting flats while gardening (squat), picking up groceries or a grandchild (loaded carry), even sitting or twisting in a car. When individuals see improvements in their functional fitness, it gives them a better sense of control, their self-efficacy improves and there’s a profound effect on their overall training.


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