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I'm now used to waking up at 5am and seeing the sun outside my window but luckily I have almost 2 more hours to sleep. Today we were told that the acupuncture class we were suppose to have was cancelled so we had a Chinese class instead. I think a lot of us were disappointed to hear the news. However class was good and We learned more useful phrases that will help us at the pearl market tomorrow such as: Duo shaoqian? (How much?), Taiguile (too expensive), Pian yi dianar (I want a cheaper price), Wo bu Yao le (I don't want it). We continued to practice the different tones of the language and sounds that are hard to say like ü. We also learned our Chinese names. Mine is ai ma. After class some of us tried to play frisbee only to be scolded in Chinese that we shouldn't be playing with all the students walking around us. We had only hit one person on a bike so far...

We went outside the campus gate and looked around at the shops. We found many sport stores and an awesome bakery. There were hot dogs wrapped in a sweet pastry and donut-like things with an interesting tasting power inside them. Many of the desserts looked haochi (delicious). Christie and Ariel got a spur of the moment haircuts that look very nice!

We went to calligraphy class where the professor taught us how to properly hold the brush and write characters. You make the strokes from left to right and up to down. We all got a character that we practiced and then put on a long piece of paper. It said that those who read more will become wise. I had a hard time doing the calligraphy but was surprised to hear mine turned out pretty good.
After class we went to a talent show out on by kids from other places. The woman in charge of the event was a multiple time gold medalist for tae kwon do in 2 Olympics! We taught the kids how to do the Macarena! They also taught us some of their dance moves.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious feast of Peking duck and other yummy dishes with the president of BSU. Numerous toasts were given but my personal favorite was the one for lefties.
To burn off some the calories we had a party hosted by some of the BSU students. We sang many karaoke songs and belted our pipes. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I did a pretty awesome rendition of “Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan. I wouldn't be surprised if my throat hurts tomorrow. We had a lot of fun making new friends and showing off our singing skills. We're looking forward to full weekend!

Today was a fun day with class, the dinner, and the party. While giving toasts at dinner, it hit me how lucky we are to be here and doing the things we able to do. We met many new friends that I hopefully will be able to keep in touch with. Not many people get to go to China and hang with the president of the school. I'm so grateful for this experience and how being exposed to other cultures will only benefit me in the future. Just meeting someone who was in the Olympics was awesome! Getting to have the chance to do that was great.

-Emma Lazarri


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