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Posted by John Sigg at 3:47PM   |  Add a comment

Spending 14+ hours sitting on a plane in economy seats that recline exactly one inch and that have exactly zero legroom may not be the definition of fun, but the excitement of arriving in China somehow made it all seem okay. There were endless choices of movies to watch, and you couldn't even make it through an entire film before they seemed to be bringing around more food! We had three full meals to be exact, including chicken & rice, cheeseburgers, and "noodles." Oh yeah, can't forget the fortune cookies which had English labels and looked conspicuously like the fortune cookies that you can get at any Asian restaurant in NY.

Our seats were scattered throughout the plane, with some of us sitting in the coveted window seats (awesome pictures of the North Pole, Greenland, and Russia), some of us sitting near babies, and others sitting next to middle aged men who laughed incredibly too loud while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. The moral of the story is that we all made it safe and sound and sleep-deprived to Shanghai. From there, we met up with our professor Dr. Hongwei Guan who has arrived in China a week earlier to set up the program and activities for us. Dr. Guan helped us navigate the domestic terminal of the airport and find gate C88, from which we departed to Chengdu.

The seats on the last flight seemed the most comfortable for some reason, though I have a feeling we could have slept on anything at that point. We were served a mysterious meat or seafood concoction and slept our way to Chengdu. I know what you're thinking, sounds like a pretty leisurely day to just sit around, watch movies, and have food delivered to your me, you have no idea.

We were met at the airport by our enthusiastic friends from Chengdu Sport University who pushed our luggage (and us) onto an air-conditioned bus that took us to campus. You wouldn't believe the giant lighted gate that you must pass through to get onto the campus! Our rooms are the Hilton of dorm living with private bathrooms, flat screen TV's, and beds that definitely aren't twin extra-long. We are all looking forward to some sleep in anything but a sitting position.

Looking forward to a full day of fun tomorrow!

-Amanda Cheetham


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