Ithaca College Student Occupational Therapy Association (ICSOTA)

Meet the Executive Board!

Avery Menaker - President
My name is Avery Menaker and I am a senior Occupational Therapy major. I am the president of the association for the '13-'14 school year and have been the club's treasurer in the past. As president, my main role is making sure everything runs smoothly. I facilitate the actions of all other officers, lead meetings, and communicate with the state SOTA representative and our college regulatory body. This year one of my main goals that I am very excited about is to begin an annual networking night where students would be able to meet and talk to OTs from our community. Other clubs I am involved in are Ithaca's Hillel and SAFI (Student Alliance for Israel). I am also in Pi Theta Epsilon, the department's honor society. This year I am excited to be participating in the Adult Clinic for my first time and to be going on my first fieldwork experiences! I can't say I have a favorite OT class so far as all the classes are so interesting and have covered so many topics in occupational therapy- which is of course ALL so exciting! My favorite ICSOTA event is OT Tuesdays - it brings the whole department together and gives students a time to relax and catch up! 

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Vito Boffoli - Vice President
My name is Vito Boffoli and I'm a junior Occupational Therapy student. I currently hold the Vice President position on the ICSOTA E-board in the 2013-2014 school year. I am in charge of meeting with student liaisons, coming up with OT Tuesday events and fundraisers for the club. I also work hand in hand with other E-board members with other main club events. In the spring semesters, during freshmen and sophomore year, I volunteered for the Special Olympics club. I also currently play for the Ithaca College football team. In spring semester of my sophomore year I participated in the adult OT clinic on campus. It was a great experience and really helped me while taking Human Development II. My favorite OT classes I have taken so far have to be Human Development 1 and 2 (entire lifespan). My favorite ICSOTA event was definitely the OT Tuesday yoga class last year.

Elizabeth Curney - Secretary
Hi my name is Elizabeth Curney. I am a senior Occupational Therapy major. I am currently the Secretary of the ICSOTA e-board. I am in charge of our mentor/mentee program and also for recording minutes at all of the ICSOTA meetings. I am currently working on our mentor/mentee program which sets up younger OT students with more experienced OT students. This is done so that they can have a peer to turn to that has gone through what they have in the OT program. I am also involved in Autism Awareness, Colleges Against Cancer, and Circle K. I have participated in the OT Pediatric Clinic and it was a great experience. My favorite OT class so far has been neuroscience, which I am currently taking. My favorite ICSOTA event is our annual potluck event during Thanksgiving because it brings all of the classes together.  

Carly Erman - Treasurer
Hey! I’m Carly Erman, a Senior Occupational Therapy major. I’m serving as the Treasurer of ICSOTA this year. I keep track of the budget, maintain records and assist with fundraising. Besides being involved with ICSOTA, I am a member of Hillel and IC Bigs. I am part of PTE, the OT honor society, as well as the Phi Kappa Phi honor society. This semester I will be doing Adult Clinic, but I am also very interested in Pediatrics and work at a summer camp for children with special needs. So far, my favorite OT class has been Individual and Group Work. I’m happy to be serving on your E-Board this year and look forward to the many events we will be having, including my favorite, the Thanksgiving potluck!

Kathryn Kaknis - Public Relations Chair
My name is Kathryn Kaknis and I am a junior Occupational Therapy major at IC. I am currently the Public Relations Chair for this year's ISCOTA e-board. During the 2012-2013 school year, I was the Historian in charge of creating the club's newsletter. The Public Relations Chair is in charge of planning and promoting occupational therapy on and off campus. I am working on the committee for the annual Thanksgiving Potluck and I am getting in contact with another college to establish a relationship with them. I will also be promoting any activities the club does on and off campus. I am a member of IC's Club Softball Team. This will be my third year with the Bombsquad. I am also involved with Project Generations and I am paired with a senior in the Ithaca community. I will be participating in Adult OT Clinic Block II of fall semester this year. My favorite OT class so far is Individual and Group Work. I feel that everything in this class is very useful for my future as an OT. I am able to get to know my class better by doing creative in-class activities.  My favorite ICSOTA event is the Thanksgiving Potluck! I enjoying seeing OT students from each year and OT faculty come together and celebrate! 

Katharine Sudol - Historian
My name is Katharine Sudol and I am a senior OT Major with a minor in Health. This is my second year serving as Historian for the '13-'14 school year. I make sure that our website is updated with current information and that our club is being represented and archived so that people in the future will know what we have done! On campus, I am a part of PTE, Phi Kappa Phi honor societies, in addition to doing work with Autism Awareness during the month of April (OT & Autism Awareness month!). I have participated in the Adult OT Clinic which was a very motivating experience - I am sure I want to do OT! I have really enjoyed all of my OT classes that focus on hands-on assessment and treatment. I really enjoy our OT Tuesday events that bring the club members together!

Susie Giarratano - Community Service Chairperson
My name is Susie Giarratano and I am a Junior Occupational Therapy Major. I currently serve as the Community Service Chairperson for ICSOTA. I am in charge of organizing and running community service events. I am currently working on two "back to school" nights at South Hill Elementary where we are talking about backpack awareness. We also have a group that meets on Saturdays and runs an activity for older adults at Beechtree Care Center in downtown Ithaca.  I am involved in Relay for Life on campus as well as the IC Book Club. I have participated in the Adult OT/PT Clinic twice so far and both times have been an amazing experience. I learned so much about different treatments, SOAP notes and client interactions! My favorite OT class so far has been Applied Occupations – during the lab we learned how to knit, how to use a sewing machine and how to leather work! I made a baby blanket, a lap buddy and a wallet! My favorite ICSOTA event is the OT Thanksgiving Potluck! Every year before Thanksgiving break, all of the OT’s (from freshman to graduate students) come together and have a wonderful potluck! 

Rachel Mecalianos -  Fundraising Chair
Hello, my name is Rachel Mecalianos and I am a sophomore Geriatrics and Occupational Therapy double major. I am currently the Fundraising Chair for ICSOTA. I am working on making donations to different organizations, as well as raising money for the club for special events. These events include a networking night, sending students to the AOTA conference, and much more. Last year I was the student liaison for the freshman class.  As the student liaison I went to faculty meetings once a month, and was the “middle-man” between my class and the faculty. My favorite ICSOTA event was participating in Relay for Life with ICSOTA while spreading awareness about OT.   Because I am a sophomore, I have not taken many OT classes yet. My favorite thus far would be Human Development 1. This is currently my first time in the Pediatric Clinic. I also go to Center for Life Skills once a week and work with elder adults who have had strokes. I also volunteer at the adult day program in Longview, as well as volunteering at additional recreational activities with residents.  Other clubs that I am involved in include Autism Awareness, which I am currently the Special Events Chair for. I am currently working on establishing a walk for Autism in the spring. I am also the manager for the non-music major orchestra on campus. Likewise, I work at the A & E center as the Assistant Coordinator of the Swimming Lesson Program and a Life Guard.

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