Welcome Message from Chair

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Exercise and Sport Sciences (ESS) at Ithaca College. I hope you find the ESS Graduate Program student focused, interactive, and applied in nature. A foundation of the ESS Graduate Program is its great faculty and facilities. The Center for Health Sciences is a state-of-the-art facility that houses our programs, laboratories, faculty, and graduate students. Our graduate faculty are dedicated teachers who have always been engaged in high quality scholarly activity but our new building has allowed us to rise to a new level. In-coming graduate students will immediately recognize how the new facility supports expanded academic and research endeavors in our two concentrations of study: Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology. New research projects are always underway. In addition, the Wellness Center is now available for research purposes, practical experiences, and working out. Our graduate student body is an eclectic mix of individuals from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. The aim of our program is to provide you a top notch academic experience, while also keeping your out-of-classroom time rewarding and enjoyable.

Indeed, this is an exciting time to be at Ithaca College. As you peruse our website, I invite you to get more in-depth information about our programs, curriculum, faculty, and students. The ESS Faculty Profile pages highlight faculty biographies, interests, recent scholarly accomplishments, ongoing research projects, and developments related to their classroom teaching. The Faculty Profile page is updated regularly and gives you the most current information about our professors and their activities. To get details about the programs and curriculum, click on the Curriculum link above which provides information about our academic concentrations, courses, admission policies, and assistantships. If you would like to get an idea about what it is like to be a graduate student at Ithaca, then visit our Student Profile page which spotlights several of our hard-working students. This will give you some idea of the varied backgrounds, interests, and daily life of our graduate students.

I hope your visit to our website is informative. I invite you to contact me if any questions remain about our programs. My e-mail address is or feel free to phone me at (607) 274-1275. Best wishes in your quest for a quality postgraduate experience, I hope to hear from you soon.

Good luck in your future endeavors,

Greg A. Shelley, Ph.D.

Chair, Graduate Program in Exercise & Sport Sciences

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