Public Safety Crime Alert


Contributed by Crystal Young

On Friday, December 12, 2003, a female student reported to the Office of Public Safety that at about 10:30 p.m. on that night, while walking down the stairs of Terrace 11, a white male on the first-floor landing attempted to block her from walking past. The female student struck the male and ran past him in an attempt to exit the building. The subject was described as a white male, college-aged, large build, short dark hair, and a goatee. He was wearing jeans and a light-colored sweatshirt.

During follow-up interviews -- on January 28 and February 2, 2004 -- the victim reported that after the male blocked her path, he then raped her while in the stairwell.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Office of Public Safety at 274-3333.

Contributed by Robert A. Holt, Director of Public Safety