OMA Welcomes New Staff Member


Contributed by Margaret Adams

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is delighted to welcome new staff member Marsha Vazquez to the Ithaca College community.

Vazquez joins OMA on July 12 as the counselor for the Higher Education Opportunity Program.

She is assured of a lively introduction to her new role since she will immediately begin meeting new pre-freshman students during the OMA Summer Institute which runs from July 9 through August 1. We know that students will quickly respond to her positive and enthusiastic attitude and to her commitment to their success.

Vazquez comes to us after a year long internship at the counseling center at Lehman College in the Bronx, part of her master of arts degree studies in counseling and guidance at New York University's Steinhardt School of Education. Vazquez has also worked with children in New York City as a counselor/caseworker with the Catholic Home Bureau: Foster Boarding Homes and as a Team Success tutor at the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education.

Vazquez will work in OMA's student services office (274-3381) located in the Towers Concourse. Please join us in making her welcome.

Contributed by Margaret Adams