Request for Parents of Kindergarteners


Contributed by Diane Long

We're asking for a few minutes of your valuable time to gather information about your child's play activities at home and experience in kindergarten this year.

My name is Sabra Vachon and I am a graduate occupational therapy student at Ithaca College. I am conducting a research study examining the relationship between children's play activities engaged in at home and the demonstration of selected grade appropriate skills of kindergarten students in the classroom. This study is in partial fulfillment of requirements for obtaining a master's degree in occupational therapy from Ithaca College.

As part of my research, I'm asking you to complete a survey form that describes in some detail what your child does during a typical weekday and a typical weekend day. The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to fill out. I would also request that you ask your child's teacher to complete a survey about some of your child's skills in kindergarten. When you and the teacher have completed the surveys, they can be sent back to me in separate, sealed envelopes that I will supply to you.

The survey will be coded with a number so that no identifying information will be present about your child within the survey. All information will be aggregated and confidentiality of all information will be maintained.

If you would agree to participate in this study, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this study, please contact Sabra Vachon or Diane Long.

Contributed by Diane Long