First-Year Reading Resources Available


Contributed by John Hickey

The First-Year Reading Initiative Resources page has been updated to include suggested readings on Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried

Colleagues, the First-Year Reading Initiative page now includes resources for Tim O'Brien's novel (this Summer's read), as well as Sandra Steingraber's work (last Summer, remember?) -- including her draft of the talk she gave in September, "Rachel and Me", to be published in a Rachel Carson anthology

Please look at both sections and send me any suggestions for additional items or changes. You will find a great deal of information freely available to you and our students about O'Brien's work; it may be a challenge to raise the academic level of this discussion.

Please also review the page on Living Downstream and send me any other events, publications, handouts you used during this year. I also would like to add items on James McBride's book; any contributions welcome!

Thanks, in advance, for your participation.
John Hickey First Year Reading Initiative