Motorcycle Parking Policy


Contributed by Lillian Tavelli

The Parking Policy Committee has approved the following motorcycle parking policy.

Motorcycles will be allowed to park in any parking spaces in the parking lots that their parking permit allows. There continue to be spaces throughout campus specifically made for motorcycles as follows:

6 spaces near the old field house
2 spaces in the lot by the Gannett Center (library)
1 space in F lot
1 space in P lot
3 spaces near the Hammond Health Center.

The seasonal motorcycle spaces in E lot and U lot will be returned to full size regular spaces for motorcycles
or other vehicles.

Students who register a motorcycle with Parking & Traffic Services will pay the same fee for the motorcycle permit as they would for a regular vehicle permit (car, pickup, SUV, etc.). Students registering motorcycles must park only in the student lots.

Students are only allowed to have one vehicle registered at a time. For example, if you have a permit on a motorcycle and want to exchange it for a permit for another vehicle, remove the permit from the motorcycle and exchange it at the Parking & Traffic Services office for a permit for the other vehicle.