Ithaca College Remains Open


Contributed by David Maley

After carefully considering weather and road conditions in Ithaca and surrounding areas for the remainder of this afternoon, Ithaca College has decided to remain open and working under normal operating conditions.

As noted in the Ithaca College Policy Manual, weather conditions, no matter how extreme, normally will not close the College when classes are in session. As a residential campus, we must consider the impact on students and employees in making any decision to close.

With the current weather conditions in mind, employees who wish to leave early may consult with their supervisor to determine if it is appropriate and possible to depart early. Employees who miss scheduled work time due to early departure may choose to make up the time, use personal or vacation time, or have a reduced paycheck if there are no accruals to use.

Classes or specific activities may be delayed or canceled without an official closing. The College has an Emergency Closing Hotline, (607) 274-1495, which may be called to find out updates and other essential information.