Announcing a New Initiative in Faculty Development


Contributed by Marisa Kelly

I am pleased to announce a new initiative in the area of faculty development.

I have asked Susanne Morgan, associate professor of sociology and coordinator of faculty development activities, to engage the faculty in a process of evaluating our current faculty development activities, and of proposing a future model that will best enable faculty in the years ahead.

Susanne's work grows out of a report by consultant Susan Ambrose -- associate provost for education and director of the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University -- whom I invited to Ithaca last year. Her report, entitled "Evolving Faculty Development at Ithaca College," has served as an excellent first step in a campus-wide dialogue on the topic.

Professor Morgan's work will begin with a systematic needs assessment in the fall, culminating in the articulation and implementation of a faculty development model for Ithaca College in the 2010-11 academic year, with the possibility of incremental advances along the way. David García, whose ACE fellowship is focusing on faculty development, will continue to work with Susanne this fall.

Professor Morgan is well known on this campus for her work on the variety of faculty development activities she administers, including new faculty orientation, the peer mentoring program, the May Institute, and more. Susanne's activities this fall will include conducting a campus-wide needs assessment and forming an advisory group. She will also begin regular meetings with other groups on campus, which will continue through the two-year period of the project; I expect, as well, regular updates on her progress, which will be made available to the community.

I hope you will support and participate in this endeavor.