Faculty Excellence Awards


Contributed by Laurie Wasik

The Faculty Development Committee is pleased to invite applications for Faculty Excellence Awards.

This year, we are extremely fortunate to be offering five Faculty Excellence Awards for this annual honor. Each award now carries a prize of $1,500. To be eligible for these awards, a candidate must be a full-time faculty member who has completed at least one year of employment at Ithaca College and who will be full time during the 2009-10 academic year. Note that release time is no longer part of the award package.


The foremost criterion for the awards are the descriptions of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service as stated in the Ithaca College Policy Manual 2002-3, Volume IV: Faculty Handbook. Candidates should be excellent in all areas and be able to demonstrate distinction in at least one.

Examples could include, but are not limited to, the following: innovations in teaching, diversity initiatives, a commitment to sustainability, significant scholarly achievements, experiential- and service-learning initiatives, effectively incorporating one's scholarship in the classroom, bringing national/international recognition to Ithaca College, and exemplary service commitment to the College community, the larger community, and/or the discipline.

** All candidates meeting these criteria, with the exception of those who have received a Faculty Excellence Award within the last five years, are eligible to apply.

How to Nominate a Faculty Member

Any faculty member, student, staff member, internal or external professional/community colleague, or alumna/us may nominate an individual for an excellence award. It is the nominator’s responsibility to complete and submit the application, although a student or alumna/us nominator may request that this responsibility be given to a faculty member. Self-nominations are not eligible.

Nomination Requirements

Each nomination must contain the following:

Each support letter, including nominating and application letters, must be no longer than two pages in length (12-point font). There is no page limit for the curriculum vita. The application is limited to the materials listed. No additional materials will be considered.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Faculty Development Committee and previous award recipients. Reviewers are ineligible for these awards and may neither nominate nor write in support of a candidate. The awardees will be recognized at Convocation and at the annual luncheon for recipients of faculty development awards held in May.

Applications are available in the deans' offices and on the Center for Faculty Excellence website: http://www.ithaca.edu/cfe/. The application with supporting materials must be submitted to Annette Levine, chair, Faculty Development Committee, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, 409 Muller Faculty Center, 274-3252, alevine@ithaca.edu, by Friday, March 27, 2009.