Sustainability Café Explores Carbon Sequestration on Thursday, April 2, at Noon


Contributed by Marian Brown

The next Sustainability Café in the spring 2009 series will look at "carbon sequestration." This Café will be held on Thursday, April 2, from noon to 1:00 p.m. in the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise, room 301.

RPM Ecosystems LLC, a sustainable company producing high-performance living green products, is on a mission to provide an important resource in the conservation, restoration, and reclamation of major ecosystems that will help restore the earth. RPM's nursery is located on 158 acres in Ithaca that includes two federal wetlands that are being restored and protected. Leslie Carrere will explain how RPM trees are being used in verified carbon sequestration projects around the globe.

RPM Ecosystems, LLC

This Sustainability Café is being held in conjunction with the School of Business Sustainability Committee.

“Teachable edibles" -- seasonal, organic, and/or local foods -- for the spring Sustainability Café series are being supported by Ithaca College Dining Services. Please bring your reusable mug and fill up at the drinking fountain or provide your beverage of choice.

All Sustainability Café events are free and open to the public.

Drink in a new way to think in the Sustainability Café.