Do you want to live off-campus beginning Fall 2012?


Contributed by Linda Koenig

The Office of Residential Life is offering an early off-campus release guarantee to the first 380 students who apply for off-campus status for Fall 2012. Today will begin this year’s off-campus application process and it will be on-going until the Office of Residential Life announces its close. There will not be a separate off-campus process occurring in the spring.

The first 380 students who complete their application will be guaranteed off-campus status for Fall 2012. In order to be considered for off-campus status, students need to complete the off-campus application, the off-campus module, “Putting the Pieces Together: Being a Responsible Member of the Ithaca Community”, and parent guardian approval /form (This form /must be submitted if you are under the age of 21) by going to Students should not sign any leases before they are officially approved to move off campus by the Office of Residential Life. Please consult the Ithaca College residency policy at

The Office of Residential Life will continue to accept off-campus applications after the 380 application target; however, these applications will be placed on an off-campus waitlist and prioritized by the date and time the application is received.

Students who will be seniors for fall 2012 (have completed six full semesters by the conclusion of the spring 2012 semester) do not need to participate in the off campus approval process, as our residency policy allows seniors to figure out whether they would like to live on or off-campus.