Web Profile Manager: Minor Changes, Major Update to Help Menus


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

ITS is pleased to announce some minor, but important, changes to Web Profile Manager (WPM) that will enhance the general user experience and workflow. See the release notes below.

In addition, the WPM help files have recently undergone a major update for a more comprehensive explanation of features and tools. Look for the WPM Help link at the top left menu of every profile.

WPM v1.8.1 Release Notes:

Image Uploading and Management

The screens that you see whenever you upload an image (to things like sections, news stories, content collection items, etc.) have been refined to be easier to understand. The workflow has also been improved such that when you are finished uploading/cropping your image, you are returned to the main management screen for that section (story, item, etc.), and not to the image upload form again (as it was before). Please note that this does not impact the image management in the Photo Galleries tool.

Feature a New Profile Element

The interface used to feature content from your profile on a sidebar has been cleaned up and is much more user friendly. The options are the same, but the presentation is a lot less cluttered and confusing.

Sidebar Previews

When you were viewing the main management page for a given section, story, item, etc, the presentation/preview of the current sidebar was confusing due to some changes that were made to the way it appears on the front end. That has now been fixed so that the presentation is clean and is a much better reflection of what your users will see on the public-facing website.

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