Want to build your resume? And Eat Pizza!


Contributed by Jennifer Segal

Interested in being part of a student organization that will allow you to build your resume and portfolio?

Tomorrow, Monday September 24th, is the 2nd official Communication Management and Design Student Association (CMDSA) meeting in Park 279 at 6:30pm.

This will be an extremely important meeting because we will be doing client committee sign-ups and we have some FABULOUS clients this semester.    Here's a preview: 1. Swidjit-a collaborative economy social networking site 2. All Stone and Tile-a local Ithaca business 3. John and Kyle Do It All-a web series comedy show 4. IC Permaculture Garden 5. Ithaca College textbook swap site   As we mentioned at our first meeting, the focus of this organization is to be a consulting resource for local and on campus clients and for our members to gain experience and apply what they are doing in classes. The goal of participating in this organization is also to build your portfolios and resumes for internships and jobs! We have some great programs, such as an alumni panel and CMD major meeting on the way (more to come about that later)!   If you can't make the meeting and still would like to be involved or if you have any questions/recommendations, please email us at cmdsa@ithaca.edu.