Assistant Professor Skott Freedman (SLPA) Published in International Journal of Bilingualism


Contributed by Heather Hedges

Assistant Professor Skott Freeman (Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology) was published in The International Journal of Bilingualism.

His article, "Using whole-word production measures to determine the influence of phonotactic probability and neighborhood density on bilingual speech production" appears in the December, 2012 issue.

Article abstract:
Numerous lexical and sublexical factors have been reported to influence speech production in monolinguals (Storkel, 2001; Vitevitch, 2002); however, whole-word production analyses have rarely been used to measure such influences. The present study investigated the effects of phonotactic probability and neighborhood density on bilingual speech production using whole-word production measures (Ingram, 2002). Five typically developing English–Spanish bilingual children were administered a picture-naming task in English and Spanish in which stimuli varied in sublexical and lexical parameters. Their English and Spanish productions were compared with those of five age-matched monolingual English- and Spanish-speaking children, respectively. No differences were found between bilinguals and monolinguals in the respective languages; however, bilinguals evidenced greater phonological complexity in Spanish than English on words with low phonotactic probability and low neighborhood density. Whole-word approximation remained similar between languages. Findings are interpreted in the context of crosslinguistic influences of sublexical and lexical factors on speech production.