Thank You to our IC family


Contributed by Terri Stewart

Dear Campus Community,

I struggle to find the words to thank you for the incredible outpouring of support that you extended to us as we were unexpectedly met with the loss of our brother, Master Patrol Officer Jay VanVolkinburg, whom we celebrated and laid to rest on Tuesday. 

The words “Thank You” seem grossly insufficient to begin to express the deep appreciation that we hold for our Ithaca College family. During my time with the College, I have come to expect nothing less than the best from all of you during tremendously difficult times such as this. 

I am keenly aware that any attempt by me to thank each of you for your every action and every effort over the course of the past week would fall short. Perhaps you placed a call, sent a text or email, brought food, or sent a card. Perhaps you or your office sacrificed sleep to provide critical support services or just be with us during the first few hours, or maybe you made your way to the services to comfort and support us as we honored Jay and his family. Maybe you simply brought a smile, laugh, or encouraging word at just the right moment. It matters not, because we could not have gotten through these past few days without your overwhelming displays of compassion and support. 

On behalf of your Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management team, we want you to know that we appreciate you and we count it a blessing to serve you. 

Please continue to keep Jay’s family in your thoughts and prayers.