SGA Communications Assistant Position open!


Contributed by Cedrick-Michael Simmons

 SGA is a vital part of our campus community, and there are a lot of great initiatives that will be happening on campus this year. 


  An essential part of SGA is outreach, and in order to effectively outreach our goals and messages to the general student body, it is essential to have a CommunicationsCommittee. This committee handles all of SGA's media, as well as strategies to help build outreach and effective communication. 

I am looking for an assistant to help me with the Communications Committee, someone who is very good at holding people accountable for their jobs, managing schedules, and wants to help re-invent outreach for SGA. You do not have to be politically savvy or have any prior affiliations with SGA. You will also help run social media for SGA. This can be a great opportunity for you, and I would love for you to email me at the email address below with any questions, and so I can send you an application.   Sincerely, Dominick Recckio SGA VP of Communications