Housing Selection 2014 General Housing Information


Contributed by Linda Koenig

Welcome back from winter break!  Below you will find information about the 2014-2015 housing selection process.  If you have any questions, please email housing@ithaca.edu.




General Housing Information

Rising Sophomores Housing Selection (Students with less than 3 completed semesters)

Details for Rising Sophomore selection can be found by going to http://www.ithaca.edu/reslife/guide/room_selection_programs/risingsoph/

Special note: Sophomore students may be part of an apartment group during the spring housing selection process as long as they make up less than half of the total group (see dates and times in the Junior/Senior section). Please note that apartment selection is very competitive and last year, groups with sophomore’s included were not able to secure an apartment.

Rising Juniors and Seniors Housing Selection (All students that have completed 3 semesters or more by Fall 2013)

Details for rising junior and senior selection can be found by going to http://www.ithaca.edu/reslife/guide/room_selection_programs/risingjrssrs/

 Selection Dates (http://www.ithaca.edu/reslife/important_dates/?item=2694)

January 20- March 18  Residential Learning Community applications available

February 3 Circle Squatting

February 4 6-person Circles

February 6 5-person Circles

February 11 4-person Circles

February 13 3-person Circles

February 17 Garden Squatting

February 18 6-person Garden

February 20 4-person Garden

February 25 2-person Garden

March 5 Single Squatting

March 24 Residential Learning Community and Substance Free Selection

March 27 Single Selection



Apartment Selection Time Key (Time by number of semesters completed)

7:00-10:59 am   4+

11:00-11:59 am   View all Available housing

12:00-2:00 pm   3+

2:01- 2:59 pm  View all Available housing

3:00- 5:00 pm  2.2+