Document Shredding Services


Contributed by Mark Darling

 Facilities Services provides confidential shredding service for on-campus generators of confidential documents.


 Ithaca College expects that the following confidential documents will be shredded when they have reached the end of the required retention time:


Each office requesting document shredding services shall generate a request for a confidential bin from Facilities Services via the Office of Facilities On-line Service Request system. A valid account number is required. The charge for this service is $30 per bin. Arrangements can be made to transport five or more boxes of documents for shredding, please contact the Office of Facilities for details. Facilities Services is unable to provide this service between April 30 and May 31.

Generating unit Responsibility

·         Generators of confidential documents should shred as much of this materials in their area as possible on an ongoing basis. Procuring and operating a shredder will be the responsibility of the generator. (The Office of Facilities may suggest standard shredders)

·         Facilities Services will provide locked bins to generators of confidential documents in large volumes (i.e., materials coming out of document retention). Generators will be expected to use receptacles provided by Facilities Services within ten(10) business days of delivery or make arrangements with the Director of Facilities Services, or designee.

·         Generators using this service will be charged a fee of $30 per bin by Facilities Services for this service and receive documentation that the material has been destroyed.

·         Facilities Services will no longer provide "convenience bins" that are left in an area for an indefinite period of time. It is expected that areas that are generating confidential material on a daily basis shred that material on an ongoing basis. If an area is generating material beyond the capacity of an ordinary shredder, Facilities Services can assist that area in making arrangements for regularly scheduled bin service.