Jeffery Meyer, Director of Orchestras, closes out 2013 and brings in 2013 with performances and teaching in the US and overseas


Contributed by Kim Dunnick

Before the turn of the new year, Jeffery Meyer, Director of Orchestras, presented three days of conducting masterclasses at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, one of the largest performing arts institutions in the world and one of the most important in the area of conducting training.

During the course of three days of multiple sessions with both piano and orchestra, Meyer mentored eight conducting students from the program.  The works studied were icons from the 20th century: Ligeti’s Chamber Concerto and Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony No. 1.

Prior to the masterclasses observed the Vienna Philharmonic’s week-long rehearsal cycle with renowned conductor Simon Rattle. 

From January 12 through 18, Meyer appeared in Thailand with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra in two subscription concerts.  Meyer will return to conduct the TPO in June as well as undertake a recording project with them in the summer of 2014.

On Saturday, January 25th, Meyer performs as a pianist with the Strike duo, a piano and percussion duo comprised of Meyer and the Canadian percussionist Paul Vaillancourt, in a concert co-presented by the Warhol Museum of Pittsburgh’s Sound Series and the University of Pittsburgh’s Music on the Edge.

Flying to Norway the next day, Meyer will find himself on a week-long tour with the MiNensemblet, conducting two world premieres with one of Norway’s premiere new music ensembles.