Free Chair Massages - A Mind, Body, Me Program Feature!


Contributed by Katie Sack

The Ithaca College Mind, Body, Me (MBM) wellness program focuses on you: the employee, and works to help you identify and move toward your personal health and wellness goals. After 6 months in the program, all MBM Members are eligible to receive free chair massages.

Chair Massage is therapeutic massage performed in a specially designed chair that supports the body in a completely relaxed position.  Massage is performed through the clothing and is very easy to participate in.

Specific techniques are applied to the body to help relieve tight, sore muscles, reduce stress, renew the mind and help restore balance to the mind and body.  The benefits of massage are accumulative providing the experience to help manage stress, prevent injury and maintain balance.

Twenty minute massage sessions are offered from 11:00am - 3:10pm, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month on a first come, first served basis in the Office of Human Resources. These massages are performed by Jeffery Haley, LMT and owner of the Massage Station and only available to members of Mind, Body, Me. To learn more about the Massage Station, click here

If you are interested in joining Mind, Body, Me and individualizing a wellness plan that includes chair massage, please contact You can also visit our website,, read our Questions and Answers, and check us out on Facebook, for more information.