Congratulations Graduating Leadership Scholars!


Contributed by Michele Lenhart

The Leadership Scholars program recognizes students with a demonstrated record of academic and co-curricular achievements. Students enter the program during their first year at Ithaca College and take on new leadership challenges every semester until they graduate. Components of the program include service projects, professional development, and leadership in student organizations that is recorded in leadership portfolios that are presented to administrators and peers every semester.


During the semester prior to graduation, all Leadership Scholars present a Senior Capstone to highlight who they have become as a leader and a scholar during their time at Ithaca College. The scholars present on a variety of experiences that have helped them develop leadership skills, and they are asked to discuss the impact of these experiences on their plans after IC, as well.

This year, 57 seniors presented capstones, including:

The common themes of lessons learned from these experiences included: improved communication skills, enhanced time management and project management skills, increased confidence, appreciation for diversity, understanding the importance of serving the community and selecting meaningful professional development experiences. 


Congratulations to the following outstanding group of seniors. Their leadership has contributed significantly to the Ithaca College community:


Gregory Addicott

Morgan Agia

Matthew Bailey-Adams

Joshua Borfitz

Jackelyn Branco

Amber Capogrossi

Alex Cartini

Nicole Coghlan

Sean Cotty

Kevin Dates

John Austin Douillard

Carlene Nora Doyle

Taylor Eike

Eric Flyte

Alyssa Frey

Miranda Gehris

Emily Haff

Nicholas Hall

Lee Henig

Abigail Jenkins

Rhonwen Jones

Emily Junge

Rebecca Kabel

Tiara Kanney

Kristen Kelly

Adam King

Lindsay Kingston

Paige Klingerman

David Klodowski

Chelsey Lavere

Alisha N. Luziani

Jordan A. Mancuso

Ashley Rose McGinnes

Meagan McGinnes

Davisa Mills

Michela Moe

Robert Oldroyd

Taylor Palmer

Thomas Pang

Alexa Perlstein

Elana Radin

Alexandra R. Robinson

Erin T. Smith

Emily Sprague

Emmalouise St. Amand

Rachel Strongin

Kamila Z Swerdloff

Katherine Talay

Ian Vitkus

Chadwick Vonholtz

Elisabeth Wentlent

Lindsey Williams

Zachary Woelfel

These scholars presented their capstones early, because they plan to be studying away from campus in Fall 2014, and graduating in December 2014:


Nicholas Lomauro


Carin Pracht

Megan Morris

Jennifer Pham