New Mac and Dell Product Changes for the Technology Renewal Program


Contributed by Irene Scott

ITS has several changes to announce for Technology Renewal starting June 1 with the Summer 2014 lab system installs.

Apple Laptops: Due to the increased cost of the newer Apple 15” MacBook Pro laptop, we will move to the 13” Mac Book Pro model.  The specifications (RAM, Hard Drive) will be the same as the 15” unit.  The benefits of this change include a lighter-weight unit with a smaller footprint. In addition, the lower price will be reflected in the charge amount for those wishing to change from another form factor or platform.  

Dell Tablet PC:  The Tablet PC has been discontinued by Dell.  There is no substitute model being planned.  Going forward all current Dell Tablet PCs in the program will be replaced with the Dell standard laptop.

Apple Mac Pro: As announced last fall, due to the increase in cost of this model, the charge to stay with a Apple Mac Pro computer will increase to $2,000.

Lastly, we continue to transition all iMac computers in the renewal program to Mac Mini systems.  As also announced last fall, the Mac Mini lab replacement system will consist of the computer, a monitor with built in speakers, keyboard and mouse.  Going forward only the computer, keyboard and mouse will be replaced when the system next comes up for replacement. DVD/CD drives and other peripherals are the responsibility of your department.

If you have any questions please work with Irene Scott, Coordinator of Technology Renewal and Desktop Acquisition, at 4-1467 or via email at