Public & Community Health Social


Contributed by Rebekah Wolinsky

 The Public & Community Health Student Association will be having a be having a Mentor-Mentee Social on Thursday April 17 at 7pm. Location TBA. This will be a fun event where mentors and mentees can meet, get to know each other better, and eat delicious healthy snacks!

Mentors are PCH upperclassmen who can advise their mentees when they have questions about classes, professors, concentrations, and internships. Mentees are PCH people who would like to be matched up with a mentor. Any PCH major can sign up at any time and we will do our best to match you up with someone with similar interests. Only PCH majors can be mentors or mentees.   If you are interested and have not yet signed up for our mentor-mentee program, please do so by emailing and letting us know your name, year, if you want to be a mentor or a mentee, and your interest (such as policy, nutrition, program, nursing, etc...).   If you are a Public and Community Health major, we strongly encourage you to get involved!   Please email us with any questions at